Filtration of the 4th generation

Our innovative, patented and awarded polymer fiber filter for the use in swimming pools, ponds and hot tubs are already setting new filtration standards. With the brand new and outstanding FIBALON®tool we define the filtration in the industrial sector new.

FIBALON®tool for the use in the industrial sector

Successful use of FIBALON®tool in 5-axis CNC machines

FIBALON®tool fort he use in the industrial sector

Use of FIBALON® in metal band saws to protect the pump

The use of filtration materials and systems in the field of industrial applications and the use of filter in the producing industries claim filter as well as filter systems on the highest degree. To meet these demands, we developed a special fiber combination for industrial applications. New fiber types with different surface modifications in a new combination, united in the innovative polymer fiber filter FIBALON®tool, offering unique and outstanding filtration results. By optimizing our developed dynamic fiber fixation DyFix® and a particle-dependent fiber geometry, we can now also offer our worldwide unique polymer fiber filter for the industrial use. Furthermore, we remain true to our principle: We do not use any adhesives and melt fibers and we are only use certified fibers according to the ÖKO-TEXT® Standard 100.

Best of Industriepreis 2016 + 2018

All these new approaches were awarded by the first presentation of FIBALON®tool at the Hannover exhibition in 2016 with the „Best of industry award 2016″. This is already a quality title for the special fiber combination in our unique FIBALON®tool.

FIBALON®tool for the treatment of cooling lubricants, drilling and grinding media

For the treatment of cooling lubricants and also for cutting fluids (e.g. in CNC machines) is FIBALON®tool with its highly durable special fiber combination an inexpensive alternative with improved filtration efficiency compared to conventional systems such as centrifuges or belt filter systems. First successful serial application pointed out the following benefits and improvements for the consumer:

The following analysis highlights the benefits of FIBALON®tool:

Special advantages of use FIBALON®tool in CNC machines

High corrosion and chemical resistance

Special and outstanding particle-dependent fiber geometry

High temperature resistance

Improving tool life time

Improving surface finish

Space-saving assembly

Subsequent integration possible

No blockage of pipes

Reduction of cost-intensive downtime

Avoiding of bacterial or fungal growth

No need for changes at the coolant pump or at the die-separator

Long filter life for cost reduction